Designed to quickly create a fully functional NB-IoT prototype
1) Receive PGBoard

2) Send ICCID to

3) Upload my own firmware

4) The prototype communicates with the application

The board is equipped with all the necessary components to make the functional prototype operational within a few minutes or to thoroughly debug your unique firmware.

The advantage is the possibility to connect your own sensors to an energy efficiency board.

This makes it possible to tune the real consumption of NB-IoT devices.


  • PGBoard
      1. Quectel BC66 communication module
      2. STM32 Microcontroller (STM32L452)
      3. GPS
      4. Basic Sensor Set:
        • Accelerometer
        • Temperature/Humidity
        • Light photo sensor
        • Hall probe
      5. Power and battery
      6. An antenna optimized for B20
      7. Basic housing (optional)
      8. RESTLINK programming module (external)
    • NB-IoT connectivity
    • Services (Bronze - 200kB Monthly for 1 Year)

The kit comes with a pre-installed sw for STM32 and connectivity with the 200kB monthly (prepaid for 1 year). After pressing the button on the board, it sends a message to the IP: port registered in .

Procedure for registering a kit. Just one step and you can create your own prototype:

1) Send ICCID kit and destination IP: port (UDP communication) to

Order PG BOARD Download sample projects

How to upload your own fw - Project *

  1. Install utilities for STM32 
    System Workbench for STM32
  2. Create your own Project or download a sample
  3. Start System Workbech for STM32 and import the Project
  4. Connect power to PG BOARD (battery or via USB)
  5. Connect a RESTLINK programmer or another ST-Link Programmer
  6. Run Compile Run and Download to upload the Project to PG BOARD
  7. Verify the functionality of the uploaded project by sending data to your server

Useful links

Product Information BC66 and STM32

Quectel BC66M

Utilities, Drivers, and Configuration Environment for Generating Source Code for STM32

System Workbench for STM32
Drivers - stsw-link
Drivers - stsw-stm32102


PGBoard with GPS and 1300mAh battery (Prismatic)
95 EUR (without VAT)
Black housing (plastic box) with silicon protector
10 EUR (without VAT)
RESTLINK programming module
12.7 Kč (without VAT)
miniUSB cable
3.5 EUR (without VAT)
Delivery address
Billing address

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